This was a most pleasant weekend.  Both kids had to work on Saturday but Erin was off Sunday.  She lost the charger to my camera while in New York and it’s a strange battery that only goes in that one camera so we had to buy another one.  As punishment, she has had to do the lawn and help me put in an attic stair.  Punish them with sweat and boredom; that’s our motto.  As a result of all this weird scheduling stuff and mixed punishment, I ended up getting the entire weekend off for father’s day instead of just Sunday except for one home-improvement job.

It was very hot this weekend and it’s one of the early summer hot weekends so we aren’t quite used to it yet.  I guess the kids are since they work in it all day every day; especially Evan.  He kind of revels in it like most kids in their teens or early twenties.  He feels like he’s ironman since he can sit out in the heat for hours a day and he’s got the proof in the form of a nice tan.  I, on the other hand, am not used to the heat yet.

While installing the attic stairs on Sunday, I ended up stranded in the attic for a bit longer than expected and almost got overheated.  Not too bad but I know the signs.  I went in for a rest.  Just a bit too much sweating I guess.  Still, it underscored the fact that either I am out of shape, too old for this sort of thing, or just not used to the heat.  It’s probably a combination of all three. 

But apart from that, it was a most pleasant weekend.  I got to sit inside and read some of the books I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks, we went to the gigantic used bookstore to browse, and we all sat down to watch a couple of episodes of Sherlock Holmes during the hottest parts of the day.  I was not asked to help get the laundry done, go to WalMart for groceries, or anything really.  Plus I got the lawn mowed.  It was excellent.