Everything breaks at once, or so it seems.  Many things have broken in my house this spring and it just keeps on coming.  This week, the pull-down stair to my attic broke a leg off.  This is a pretty big deal since we keep a lot of stuff up there and there’s a good bit of traffic to rotate the seasonal stuff in and out.  The one that came with the house was a miserable, rickety affair that I wrote about years ago when it  threw off a spring that put a spiffy looking striped bruise on my arm.  I  replaced it with a carefully chosen (and expensive) model.  “This Old House” magazine said it would last forever.  Or at least not crack and throw us off. 

I called the company that makes it to inquire about replacement parts.  I had my doubts since this particular part was riveted in place.  I was surprised to be told that they would send me a replacement hinge with instructions as to how to deal with the rivets – all for free.  That’s nice but it also suggests that they’ve had many such requests before.  That hinge must be a weak point.  Still it will get fixed at minimal cost to me – only the cost of a little sweat so that’s all good.

The toilet that I so carefully bought an expensive float valve for is now hissing.  I’ll have to take that apart soon and diagnose that particular malady.  Hopefully, it will be fixable with parts from my friendly and helpful hardware store that is a long way from my house but worth it because they have expert people working there.

I already took care of the weedeater gas tank, the burned out vacuum cleaner, the garage door stem roller, the gas grill,  the not-booting computer, the leaky sprinkler main valve, the streaking wiper blades, the overflowing gutters, and the ants in the house.  I’m barely keeping up – I hope things stop breaking soon. 

I realize that this is all just what you get when you own a home but I find myself wondering what they do with really old houses like the Whitehouse, those old chateaux in France, or any of those 400 year old houses you find all over Europe.  No doubt they have a huge staff of people doing what I’ve been doing. 

That’s what I need.  A staff.