The summer is a fairly short one for us.  Mel works for the public school system and has to be at work for about 10 days after school is out and for another 12 days before it starts so our window of vacation opportunity is a bit narrow.  Add to that the fact that Erin is going to New York with her drama club next week and we don’t want to be out of town then just in case anything happened.  Likewise, Evan is off for a week to the Cornerstone music festival so that week is out.  Let’s see what else… ah, Erin has church camp for a week and Melissa is spending a long weekend with her mom and sister. 

That leaves us with about three clear weeks on the calendar for us to go on vacation.  I want to use my frequent flyer miles and so I have to find a time when those aren’t blocked out.  ARRRGH!  I’ll just stay home!  I don’t see how Eisenhower ever managed to plan the Normandy invasion – all the details just drive me crazy, especially when you have people at your elbow saying “What about this?” every time you think you have a solution.  Of course Eisenhower had a staff of people.

At any rate, I finally managed to come up with a plan and now all arrangements have been made.  Washington DC, here we come!  And during the hottest, most humid time of year too! 

We spent a day there several years ago but one day is not sufficient to see all there is to see.  This time we will finish what we started. 

This will also be the first time we have ever gone on a trip without the kids.  That’s 19 years since we spent any significant time alone.  I hope we still like each other.  It seems a bit odd but I’m sure we’ll quickly get used to it.  I found a hotel right on capitol hill so we should be able to walk most places. 

Now that the big details are set, I’m starting to get excited.