No memorials around our house though.  For some reason my family never went and decorated tombstones.  My parents were both staunchly of one mind:  the dead are dead and there is no reason to visit the burial sites.  Remember those passed by dragging out the photo albums and telling stories.  I did do this with all my recently scanned photos.

This year Mel decided to host the family thing which was really her mom’s 82nd birthday party.  This means that Saturday was spent in an exhausting cleaning frenzy.  Both Evan and Erin managed to have other things to do and so Mel and I were left to do it ourselves.  I hate these cleaning frenzies but I do enjoy having a spotless home afterwards so I try not to complain. 

Sunday was the big event itself.  I remembered that Picasa has a super easy slide-show building capability and so I whipped up about 200 photos featuring all the people who were about to arrive.  It seemed to go over well.  What’s the point to having photos if you don’t look at them?  This is the perfect way to look at them.  The computer makes it easy.   Score! 

I had also blown the cobwebs out of the grill and gone to replace the propane tank.  We’ve not had a grilled meal in a couple of years due to my failure to exchange the tank.  It’s usually an unpleasant task because every store that has those big propane exchange cages seems to dislike opening them up.  More than once I’ve had to have the manager paged because only the manager knows if there is a key or not.  Obviously there is because there are used, rusty tanks in there.  But this time I went to Wal-Mart (against my better judgment by the way) but I went over to the lawn and garden entrance where they have a cash register by the door.  An elderly fellow (Larry) met me at the door and anticipated my request.  He told me to pay for it right there and he’d have it exchanged by the time I was done and so he did.  For once my trip to Wal-Mart was quick and convenient.  Thanks Larry!  And so we had grilled chicken and burgers.  They were awesome if I do say so myself.

Memorial Day itself was one of those days that I really enjoy once in awhile in which we did absolutely nothing.  I sat in my favorite chair (not a recliner by the way) by the window and read a book and occasionally got on the computer to try and plan a vacation.  It’s surprising how easily you can do this all day long and still enjoy it the whole time.  I usually finish up days like this with a vague feeling that I should have accomplished more but I never feel that way during the day. 

I never feel refreshed and ready to return to work after holidays and vacations.  I always feel like I’d like to continue the break and keep having fun.  I guess that’s life.