Here’s a parable that describes much of my life.

I have a weed whacker and it’s a pretty nice one.  It runs fine and because of that, I’d like to keep it.  But it started leaking gas.  It’s about $100 to replace it which seems like a lot to me but really isn’t.  Still, I tried to fix it myself because it costs more than $100 to have someone else fix it.  I bought some replacement fuel line. 

It was really tight where it went into the gas tank so I reamed out the hole to make it fit more easily.  It was at this point that I realized that it was tight because that is what keeps the gas from leaking out.  I’ve tried every sealant known to man (or at least those that are sold at Ace hardware and they have a lot) and it still leaks.

I bought a new gas tank off the internet.  I’m going to start over.  I should probably have bought a whole new weedeater at the end of last season when they were on sale but I’m weird that way.  If I see a way to fix something I want to fix it. 

All of life’s a gamble I guess.  I probably worry about the wrong things more often than not.  But I like to feel in control and in this matter I can be in control.  I will fix it if it kills me.  Which it might since until it is fixed it still leaks like crazy unless you hold it in a strange way such that the exhaust blows out near your face.