Now that I’ve finished scanning all my old negatives and slides (except for that one small ring binder I found  later – grrr), I’ve been having great fun looking through them all.  I’ve been posting two of the best ones on flickr every night.

When I find a photo of someone on my facebook friends list but which was taken way back, perhaps when they were toddlers, I post that on my facebook wall.  That usually generates some comments and in many cases, the kids in the photos have ended up using that pic as their profile pic. 

I’ve not yet managed to crack the nut of posting any message on facebook that anybody finds interesting enough to comment on but the photo comments are rewarding.  Facebook is all about the back and forth communication and if you don’t have that then what’s the point?

I’ve always enjoyed photography and now here are two ways of adding to the enjoyment. 

We came away from Dad’s funeral years ago with a sack or two of old photos and stuff and I should probably scan those too.  Among those items was an ancient folder of old 2×2 inch negatives taken by someone back in the 1940’s.  These are particularly interesting and I should probably send those off to one of the services to have them scanned for me.  (I’ve scanned some black and white negatives and they present problems of their own – I haven’t managed to produce any really good scans of a black and white negative for some reason.)