After talking about it for many years, I finally managed to meet up with my old friend Bob yesterday.  We met roughly halfway between our homes which turns out to be at about the latitude of Atoka, Oklahoma and so we met at the locak state park:  McGee Creek State Park.  It was about five hours total of driving but was well worth it to finally get together and catch up and also to have such uninterrupted time to give the iPod a workout and catch up on podcasts.

Bob has become a birdwatcher and was thrilled to see a genuine roadrunner.  I had never seen one before so that was pretty cool.  We hiked along a trail to kill the time while catching up on old news.  We then drove into the town of Antlers in search of a place to have lunch.  We found one in the form of the Burger Barn which was apparently nothing more than one of those storage buildings that most people use in their back yards to store the mower in but in this case, two of them had been outfitted as a small diner.  We got there at the tail end of the church crowd and the wait staff were pretty frazzled.  The same thing happens every Sunday so you’d think they’d be used to the frazzling by now.

Dense forests like that are quiet, cool, and very photogenic but somehow very hard to photograph.

Even after talking about meeting up for 10 years, it was still worth it.  I don’t intend to let another 10 years go by before we do this again.