Last night, Erin drove herself to church.  As the evening wore on, we began to hear warnings of incoming bad weather so I also started to wish she’d get home. 

But then Mythbusters came on.  Evan was home and two of his friends were coming over to play the Wii so there was a fair amount of coming and going and door-slamming.  I retired to the back of the house to watch in peace – they needed the big TV anyway to play games. 

Finally I decided to text Erin:  “Shouldn’t you be home by now?”  The response came immediately:

“I am.  I’m in my room.”

Doh!  Apparently one of the door-slams was Erin coming home and not one of the Wii party.  So I look like an idiot.  But I was distracted by the TV – that’s my story.