Well, finals are over and Evan is home.  It wasn’t too hard even though it was in the rain.

We drove over to Fayetteville last Friday to get all his stuff.  He had a final exam that morning and after that, it was all packing and moving.  He told us that he was pretty much packed but I don’t know what he was talking about.  He still managed to fill about 10 boxes with random loose articles.  It was pouring down rain and it was interesting to note that all the students simply went out in it in their shorts, t-shirts, and flipflops as if there were nothing the matter.  They just got wet without complaint.  Compare that to our efforts with large umbrellas, jackets, etc.

We packed up and left him there to check out.  We had called Melissa’s brother who drove over to see us.  We found our way to the public library which has a coffee shop in it where we chatted for an hour or so.  As a result, Evan actually made it home before us. 

Evan had planned his weekend down to the microsecond.  As soon as he got home he emptied his car after which he headed for Stillwater to see his buddies there.  He got together with them and they headed off for Oklahoma City to see New Found Glory in concert there.  From there he slept on the floor of a dorm room somewhere which was similarly full of students who were packing to go home.  We didn’t see him until Saturday.

We were actually at a niece’s graduation from the University of Tulsa all that morning so we didn’t see Evan until he wandered into the restaurant where we were having  a celebratory lunch.

So it was kinda busy.

After all this, I could actually start on my chores which involved a lot of this and that – the usual weekend stuff except for the quest to find mother’s day cards and flowers.  The week leading up to this was so busy that I had never gotten a chance to stock up on cards and flowers so I was doing it at the last minute.  Evan’s birthday was actually Friday (during all the final exams and move-outs) so he hasn’t celebrated or gotten a gift yet.  We’ve kind of ignored the event although it was with his consent.  We’ll pretend it is this week.

Actually on Saturday during all my chores, he apparently found himself a new bike on craigslist and so I guess that will be his birthday gift. 

We attempted to take it easy on Sunday although getting two teenagers up and around after they have had such a weekend is not so easy.  We made it to a restaurant by 11:00 and the intended breakfast became lunch.  I spent much of the afternoon trying to watch a movie but the phone kept ringing and stuff kept cropping up (for example, Erin decided to break up with her boyfriend) but I finished it about 12 hours later.  All in all, we stopped and started it about five times. 

So it was a busy weekend.  No complaints though – that’s just how life is.