Erin’s high school had their awards ceremony last night.  (Technically, it’s the “intermediate” high school.)  Erin did pretty well and it gave me a chance to unlimber the new Flip video camera I had just bought.

Last year, Erin was absolutely robbed at the awards ceremony – winning only a couple of recognitions for being in the honor society, etc.  Several times I had my camera going only to have images of other people’s children.  I don’t know what sort of criteria have changed in this matter; Evan walked away with tons of recognition and Erin’s grades are as good as his were, and she’s more involved with extracurricular stuff.  It bugged the crap out of me last year and I’m still a bit steamed about it.

Last night, things seemed a bit more normal.  Erin got several awards.  I was so cynical though that I failed to push record on my camera until I heard her name called and so have several bits of video that are of her walking around on stage with no context.  When Evan was a senior, the school actually informed us as to what awards he would be getting so that we could make sure and record the whole thing.  So things turned out better this year. 

As the parent, I refuse to believe that anyone is smarter or more capable than my own children.  That’s part of my job – if I don’t believe in them, nobody else will. 

One more gripe:  would it kill the damned counselors to learn how to pronounce the kids’ last names?  Our name is easy but there are a few kids whose names are a bit unusual of spelling and their names are mispronounced repeatedly every year.  This smacks of either incompetence, stupidity, or simply never spending any time with those kids.  Any of the above is regrettable. 

But on to technology.  The days are gone when I will lug a neckbreaking camera or two around.  At the peak of my technological inconvenience period, I would carry a 35mm camera and a video tape camera which I carried in a special (and heavy) bag.  No more!  My still camera is a beautiful little thing that is smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  It takes video but rather poorly.  The Flip camera is slightly longer than a pack of cigarettes and about as lightweight.  It takes very serviceable video with trivial ease.  If either of these cameras lack the esoteric features I used to admire, they make up for it in shear ease of use transportation.  If only they would turn on instantaneously but I’m sure that future models will so I can wait. 

Just as we will never have enough wall space to contain the accumulated awards of our extra intelligent children.