It’s been raining here for the past week.  I enjoy rain in general and I always appreciate a rainy Saturday as an excuse to stay inside and read a good book but enough’s enough.  It’s pretty soggy out there and there are flooding problems everywhere.  Besides, the lawn (and everyone else’s lawn) looks like a jungle.  We need a break to clean up a bit.

While inside, I completed two videos which is a big deal for me since they are so time consuming and I tend to work hard on them for awhile, then lose steam about three quarters of the way through.  I uploaded one to youtube and facebook which generated comments immediately.  It was the one of Evan playing an inflatable guitar at about three years old.  Erin was in her highchair behind him suffering from Chicken Pox.

The other is a compilation of all the bits of video I could find where he was walking around with a little car in his hand.  That one goes up tonight.