Last night Erin went with her BF to the Bixby band banquet.  She said it was only moderately interesting but it was an opportunity to buy another dress.  She and Melissa are getting quite good at planning their shopping attacks and swooping in to find a bargain and leaving before anybody knows what happened.  This is a Good Thing for the family finances.

We almost met each other coming and going.  My office is in the CityPlex towers and this event was on the 60th floor where they have a banquet facility. 

Mel and I attend a small group event every Thursday with a few couple from the church and for some reason, there were very few in attendance.  Perhaps they all had kids attending school events too.  It’s that time of year.

Next weekend is stacking up to be a busy one for us; Evan is finishing up with finals and moving home.  Our niece is graduating from TU on Saturday so we’ll be expected to dress up and show up.  Could be tiring.