More importantly, Erin may now handle someone else’s food.  She has the all important food-handler’s permit without which the teenager is almost unemployable.  It comes down to this:  wash your hands and measure the temperature of everything.  The hot dogs will be deadly if you don’t shove a thermometer probe down the center of one and measure a temperature of over some amount (which I forget).  Now Erin can assume her job at the city pool this summer selling concessions (most of which are likely pre-packaged and do not need a permit to handle).  She will likely not be working at the same pool as Evan thus maximizing the inconvenience to everyone involved. 

The fact that Erin is driving herself now is maximizing the convenience to me in a big way.  Not that I ever disliked her company but I try to find the bright side of everything that I can.  It’s nice to not have to drop what I’m doing and drive her somewhere and then drop what I’m doing and go get her.  But we don’t have a chance to visit quite as much.

Thus this weekend, Erin was off by herself leaving Mel and I to do what we pleased which turned out to be a wide variety of cleaning tasks.  We also planted bright red petunias in the beds around the mailbox which is something that kind of dots the “I” on springtime for me.  At least 2000 other people had the same idea.  The best flowers at the best price can be found at the nursery of the local Gatesway foundation.  Why they are not open on Saturdays is beyond my comprehension.  Does anybody actually go to a store any time other than after work or on the weekends?  I guess I wouldn’t know.  I’ll have to stop at Walgreen’s someday during the workday and see if they’re open.  Probably a few retirees strolling the aisles.  That would be yet another reason to look forward to retirement:  no lines at WalMart.  Although I imagine WalMart will discover a way to cut staff until the lines build back up again.  Not that I’m bitter.

What was I talking about?

Oh right.  Random things we do on the weekends loosely tied together with strands of Erin’s life. 

There’s Evan life too – he’s up there right now studying hard as he rolls into final exams.  I remember spring semesters as being much more work and less fun than fall semesters.  Spring semester was always cold and blustery and when it finally turned off nice, the tests hit and kept coming until finals.  Then I went home where life was boring.  Luckily, Evan has lots to do when he comes home.