The past week has seen several ups and downs for Erin.  She got the results of her first attempt at the ACT and they were stupendous.

On Friday, she got word that she was not selected for the ‘select’ Jazz choir.  That was cause for much disappointment and resulted in us eating pizza from Cici’s.  I’ll never know why she likes that brand so much.

And now she has interviewed for a summer job with the city and was informed that she will be hired.  She is thrilled to actually be making money.  We’ll see how selling concessions at one of the city pools will turn out to be in terms of job satisfaction but as long as the money is rolling in, she’ll be pretty happy.  So will we as parents.

I imagine that Evan’s superb reliability in years past served as a good reference for her.  He has been rehired as well.  I assume that one day he’ll be doing engineering internships but for now, he’s still lifeguarding.

This is how we roll into summer.