Saturday turned out to be dreary and gloomy with the threat of rain.  This does not ever disappoint me; I look at it as a good reason not to mow the grass.  Still, the grass was in severe need of mowing so before the rain hit, I did the job.

The business of grass-mowing has become interesting.  Evan tells me that every single one of his friends at college look at him with incredulity when he mentions mowing the grass.  Apparently all of them (or more specifically, their parents) hire a lawn service.  None of them has ever had the pleasure of pushing a lawnmower.  I find this hard to believe; the hardware stores are full of lawn mowers for sale – there must still be a huge number of individuals doing it themselves. 

On the other hand, a boy down the street has been offering to do lawn work for money this summer and I’m sorely tempted to take him up on his offer.

My lawn needed attention because the grass was growing in irregular tufts.  I have a lush green patch of high grass next to a thin brown patch.  This is more than likely due to the fact that when I reseed and fertilize, I just toss the material out by hand.  The bag cautions us all to use a spreader with a specific setting but I do not have a spreader nor do I have a place to store one.  My garage is plenty full without that added space-taker.  It would be nice if I could get rid of the mower too.  Perhaps with a lawn service, I could.

Anyway, it didn’t take long to mow the grass and it was cool outside so there was nothing much to complain about except my still-aching back from earlier in the week.  It did start raining later on so I took advantage of that time to do some video work on my new computer.

Video editing is something I have wanted to do for a long time and have dabbled in but the last computer just was not up to the task.  I had myriad problems and finally gave it up for the most part.  Now, I think the current system is fit to do some work that will not be plagued by random lock-ups and technical problems.  Now all I need is ideas for what to do.

Sunday was much the same.  I have grabbed several DVDs worth of old video which now sits on my hard drive.  I only await some inspiration for how to edit it down.  I’ve done some of this before with some success but I need to keep on going with it.  But other than the easy-to-imagine birth video which I’ve already done, I’m out of ideas. 

I’d also like to know where the good videographers go to find appropriate sound track music.  Something that sounds good but which is not too distracting.