One of the worst parts of getting older is realizing that I have forgotten to keep myself in shape.  I’ve got so many things that I want to do that I tend to avoid things that look like work and working out is definitely one of those.  (Most of the things I want to do involve sitting in a chair in the air conditioning.) I’ve been walking the dog for years to keep up a modicum of cardiac health but every so often I am reminded that my muscles are prone to being sprained.  I discover this while lifting something heavy.

I don’t even think about it; I just bend over and lift and then the next day, I can barely move.  And for the next couple of days, I slap those stupid menthol pads onto my back and take it easy; all the while grousing to myself about my lost mobility.  It irks me that this stage of my life is one of the best for getting things done – the kids are able to drive themselves around and deal with most of their affairs by themselves and my income is up there at a good spot so I have the money to indulge a few things – and yet just when I have the time to start doing some of those landscaping projects, I find I cannot lift the stones.  I guess that’s why most of my contemporaries hire other people to do that.