I was very excited yesterday; the new PC was scheduled to be delivered.  And so it was in the late afternoon just before I got home.  I tore into the boxes and immediately began plugging things in.

I had not realized that the keyboard was to be wireless.  I thought that was pretty cool except for a nagging thought at the back of my mind that there was one more thing in the house to require batteries.  Is that a good thing?  I’m not so sure.

Anyway, I hooked it all up.  I made the discovery much later on that the keyboard was randomly sending a series of the letter “b”.  I would look up and suddenly there would be 20 b’s in a text entry field.  Apparently it did this while I was entering the very first administrator password so that I had a password but had no idea what it was.

That is the sort of thing that any computer guy will hear and say:

 “Oh…that sucks.”

Right before he starts laughing. 

I told this story at lunch today with some friends and the most computer savvy of them laughed so hard he hurt his side.  When the most computer savvy of your friends has no advice to give, you know you’re at the end of the line.

So, to finish the story, I tried every combination of things I could think of but when you know the keyboard has randomly inserted “b”s into your password, there’s really nothing you can do.  Brute forcing is hard because after every fifth failed attempt, Windows goes through a long pause wherein it probably logs the events and starts over. 

I reached for the system reinstall disk.

Before I actually reformatted the drive and started over, I tried the system recovery selection and managed to roll back to the first restore point which was right when I powered it up the first time.  I asked me for the password again and I typed it.  By some miracle, it hit the same random combinations of “b”s and logged me in.  I immediately added another user which required no password.  Then I went to bed.

I’ll mess with it some other time.