So, the new vacuum sucks.  But this time in a good way.  I found one at Kohl’s today (while Erin and Mel were looking at shoes – again) and it was selling for $575.  I yelled “Hah! In Yo’ Face!”.  That was right before they kicked me out.

I only wish that were true.  But I was smiling because I had saved a lot.

It’s Palm Sunday so church was crowded.  It was good though – we were visited by a bishop of the Lutheran Diocese of Tanzania and he had on a pretty cool get-up.  He had one of those really tall Pope-hat things.  Strange that we are not Lutheran but there he was.

Yesterday, I moved a pile of rocks away from my side door; they had been there for years and years.  I made a small retaining wall out of them which has been needed for about as long as the rocks have been piled there.  It was a lot of work but it was cool and breezy so the work went pretty pleasantly.

We spent lunchtime at the mall listening to the tulsa youth symphony because Erin’s boyfriend and another friend are musicians in it.  It was pretty good.

And (insert trumpet fanfare here) I scanned the last of my negatives!  That’s a relief.  One more project down!

And so another quite weekend passed by.  I love weekends like this where there are no stressful things going on.