I mentioned my excitement before about an old friend buying a coffee shop that just happens to be around the corner from my office.  When I visited it the first time, I mentioned that some of my guitar playing friends should come in and jam some time AND THAT WOULD BE OK RIGHT? He agreed – anything to get people in the door and if any other customer happened to be entertained then so much the better.

The next time I had lunch with my guitar-playing friends I suggested that coffee shop as a potential jamming spot.  At some point, they visited my friend’s coffee shop and worked out a schedule.  Last night, I stopped by there after work to listen and fun was had by all.  While they played away at one end of the store, the manager ran the coffee bean roaster on the other end of the place.  So there was live music and fresh roasted coffee all at the same time.

We were the only ones in the place.

All I can say to the people at this end of town is:  you missed a great time as well as the freshest coffee anybody is ever likely to taste unless you roast your own beans.

I don’t mean to suggest that I made anything happen; I only seek to document the pleasure I feel at seeing something come together.  I wonder how you get the word out that there’s a good time for free to be had right in our own backyard?  Not exactly free I guess but a cup of coffee is pretty cheap.  Plus, they have free refills.