We dropped Erin off at the church at 5:00am Saturday morning so that she could get on a bus and go down to Reynosa, Mexico for a week of service at an orphanage. 

5:00 am is pretty early to be up and about.

For once, an Asbury project actually left on time and so we were able to go home and go back to bed.  We were surprised to discover that between 6:00am and 9:30 am, it had rained.  We kept checking the website and call-in phone number until finally there was an update that they had gotten there OK.

There has been a good bit of drug-related violence in the border towns over on the Pacific side recently and so all the parents were quite concerned but this is near the Gulf and we were assured by everyone involved that if anything threatening happened, they’d leave and come home.  The church even flew the missionary up to Tulsa to talk to us directly.  Well, we’ll see I guess.  So far, things look fine.

I had every intention of spending Saturday afternoon at the annual home and garden show but a guy from work called and something unusual required my attention at the office.  I packed up and headed to work for the afternoon. Mel and the in-laws went ahead to the show but they assured me that they did not have a good time.  Nice of them to say so.