Some sort of small plane accident occurred today that I could see from my desk.  It’s a mile or so distant but it was a clear day so I could see fairly well.  I don’t know what led up to it but I basically saw the plane burn up near the north end one of the main runways.  I assume the two occupants got out because by the time I took up my binoculars to look, there were a couple of people standing nearby.

Incredibly, one of my coworkers just happened to be looking out the window when it happened.  He is an experienced pilot himself and said that it was a “ground loop”.  He illustrated it for us but it’s pretty complex – suffice it to say that it’s a bad thing.

What’s interesting is the timeline.  I’m surprised at how long it took the fire trucks to get there – it must have been 10 or 15 minutes.  By that time, the plane was completely gone.  It took KOTV about as long to get it on their main page.  About 25 minutes after the thing started burning, a helicopter (which I took to be a news chopper) took off from its place of residence about 50 yards away, hovered for a few minutes, and landed.  A photo showed up on the web site about 10 minutes later. 

It was interesting to watch – very much in the “train wreck” sense.  What started out looking like a small plane now looks like a lump.  According to the news site, both occupants walked away from it.