The Performing Arts Center hosted the titular production last night and apparently it was not a sellout so the PAC put the remaining tickets on sale for half price.  At that point, Mel decided that the cultural experience was worth it and scored four tickets at $8 apiece.  We took Erin’s boyfriend with us and made a culture-fied evening out of it.

I’m not a huge fan of Broadway musicals but darn it, it’s fun to go downtown and park in an underground garage, go into a beautiful building, admire the artwork that’s always hanging in the galleries, and see a big production in a huge music hall.  In some ways, it doesn’t even matter what production you’re seeing.  I always enjoy the experience and will do so again whenever possible.  I only wish there were more cafes nearby so that we could go early and have something to eat and walk over to the PAC.  As it is, there are only fancy restaurants that are quite a walk. 

We have tickets to go see Tommy Emmanuel (one of the greatest guitarists ever) at the end of the month so I’ll get my wish to revisit the experience soon.