Last night we attended the opening night of the intermediate school play called “The Diviners”.  Erin had a role of moderate size which we always find exciting.  They always do a comedy in the fall and a serious drama (in other words, depressing) in the spring.  This presentation was indeed depressing but you have to take it for what it is and it was a very good production for such young actors.    

We are once again the only parents willing to host the cast party which will be tonight so last night we hurried around trying to batten down the hatches as much as we could since we have very little time left to prepare.  I hope they don’t seize upon the idea of going into the back yard because I have not yet policed it for dog poop.  These being teenagers, if they found their way into that mine field, that’s all anybody would ever remember about the party.

The best idea we could come up with for decorations on the spur of the moment was to get out the nets of Christmas lights that I normally put on the bushes and staple them to the outside wall of the back patio.  It looks pretty cool so perhaps that will provide enough ambience to satisfy a bunch of 16 year olds.