So far I’ve really been liking the new car so today I wanted to take a road trip – just go out driving.  We headed north and ended up in Skiatook, OK where we knew of a really good mexican restaurant – Senor Salsa.  We had a late lunch there and drove around the countryside listening to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on the radio.

Skiatook has an ancient main street like most small towns but unlike most rural areas they have a store that sells spy gear.  All sorts of surveillance electronics.  To say that this was unexpected is a huge understatement.  Collinsville also has a nice old main street but its stores are limited to the “Tastee Freez” hamburger type store and barber shops.

Mel kind of wanted to go to the mall but I firmly refused.

I can accurately report that the norther Oklahoma countryside still looks like winter is here, which I guess it is.

The car is nice.  I look forward to installing an iPod adapter so I can get my podcasts back.