By that I mean ‘recently purchased’ as I haven’t actually bought a new car since 1987 as a post-Ph.D. indulgence.  I was celebrating actually getting a job which I found more difficult than expected and even though I was working for Satan’s Army, at least they allowed me to purchase a brand-new Honda Accord.

Since then I have only purchased used cars and yesterday, I bought another Honda Accord (2003 model).  In the current state of the economy, it is quite easy to shop for cars at a decent price although there are very few people getting rid of good cars like the Honda.  I actually saw a Jaguar which I would have driven had the owner’s wife not accidently backed into the front end while it was sitting in the driveway waiting for me to come see it.  That would have been cool but I think the Honda is ultimately a wiser investment.

Shopping for cars is a very stressful experience for me; I don’t really enjoy it but Mel seems to.  She likes the thrill of the chase – searching for the perfect thing and finding it. The internet has made it all much simpler for the consumer; one has only to issue the right query and a small handful of cars pop up that match your criteria.  This is what we did and only had to go look at a very few.  So maybe car shopping is not so bad any more.

I think I’ll go sit in it and listen to the bumpin’ stereo.  National Public Radio on a bumpin’ music system – now that’s funny.accord