While at lunch with a friend today we had a couple of interesting experiences.  We were sitting in the Chinese restaurant talking about a variety of topics.  I believe that at the time, we were comparing Methodist versus Unitarian philosophies.   At any rate, the woman sitting across from us eventually paid her bill, stood up, came over to our table and said: “Gentlemen, it’s been educational” and walked off.

I’m pretty clueless sometimes and I don’t know if she was truly interested or annoyed because we were talking too loudly.  I hope it was not the latter.

We then paid up and walked across the parking lot to a coffee shop for more talk.  While there we were discussing movies and briefly touched on the topic of “torrenting”.  A young woman sitting near us eventually got up to leave but, before leaving, came over to us and said: “Excuse me for interrupting but a good torrent site is piratebay.org.”  She chatted briefly on the subject and left. 

Again, I can’t imagine what’s so interesting about what we have to say that a stranger would come offer advice.  I’ve decided that it’s time I learned to talk more softly.  I’m not a loud talker by nature so if I talk any more softly, I won’t be heard.  I guess next time we should just not sit underneath the speaker – maybe that’s why our voices were elevated.