The ice storm came and went.  It dropped several things, first a thin glazing of pure ice as a base, then about one inch of sleet, topped off by a bit of snow to smooth things over.  It’s actually quite lovely until you have to get out and drive on it.

I took the day off yesterday to avoid the hassle of being out since stuff was falling most of the day and of all the things I find unpleasant about ice storms, the most unpleasant is where you have to chisel your way into your car and then sit in it for 20 minutes shivering while it warms up enough to loosen the plates of ice off the windshield.  Then you have a bit more chiseling to do.

So I just avoided all that and I enjoyed myself immensely.  Something about ditching work when you hadn’t planned to is like finding a twenty dollar bill.  You just feel jazzed the rest of the day.  My body is used to getting up so there was no question of returning to bed.  Plus, I’m used to working on such days and so I was up for accomplishment.  I ended up doing some things that were suited to inside work that had been languishing.  I worked up a spreadsheet to figure out if adding a bit to our house payment would shorten our mortgage much (short answer: no – we’re too close to paying It off anyway).  Then I headed for my scanner and scanned several rolls of negatives from the late ‘80s featuring some long lost friends and a trip to Mexico. 

Erin woke up with a cold and so her snow day ended up being wasted from her perspective.  We watched “Wall-E” and then (since Wall-E was always watching a scene from it throughout the movie), we watched “Hello Dolly” to see what Wall-E was all fired up about.

It was fun.