My experiment with sending some negatives off to India for scanning turned out pretty well last year but I recently discovered that there is now a scanner available that will scan a slide or negative at the same resolution without the use of a computer.  It just takes an SD card and you pop the slide in and push a button.  This was the event that got me off my butt on the scanning issue.  Although the full-service scanning service did a good job, I found that I did not get around to packaging them all up for mailing.  So today, I clicked the magic button and ordered myself a film scanner after thinking it over for about seven years.  It has certainly proven true that technology made it easier and cheaper the longer I waited.  Instead of $500 for a scanner, I’m paying $100 and disk storage has become super cheap.  Now I will probably be in the position of not scanning anything simply because of laziness.  That’s certainly been the case for the many old photos that have never been scanned even though I have a decent paper scanner.  Laziness is the worst of sins in a way; it has certainly kept me from doing anything with many of my “precious memories”.

I’d better stop here before I talk myself into doing nothing.  One can get onto a train of thought that will lead to the feeling that nothing is worth doing and one should just give up on most things and concentrate on a few – casting out all creative hobby activities and just passively watching TV.  That isn’t good either so I’ll continue to think that bringing all those slides into the computer age is worth doing.

Since no PC is needed to scan, perhaps I can do this while sitting owlishly in front of the TV.  Score!