I’ve never been a party guy.  As a result, new year’s day has never been much to me other than a day to relax and watch football on TV.  Which is pretty much what I did yesterday minus the football.  I did put some stain on my woodworking project but that’s about all other than a marathon session of reading.  I love days like that but those members of the household who do not work every day seem to get bored with such things.

Mel and Erin ended up a little bored.  Evan has gone to a Campus Crusade for Christ whoop-de-doo down in Texas with his college friends and Mel and Erin wanted to do something but New Year’s Day is not the time to want to do something.  The Pride of Broken Arrow was marching in the tournament of roses parade so we watched that.  NBC went to commercial right at the moment they marched by but HGTV and Travel Channel showed them.

Part of Erin’s ennui was that she was a bit under the weather and tired from staying up most of the night with her friends. So we ended up just relaxing, having pizza for dinner, and watching the Rose Bowl (which was none too interesting, it turns out).

So the year started out on a relaxing note which I hope is a harbinger of the pace that the rest of the year will set for me.  The economic news seems increasingly apocolyptic which usually adversely affects the defense industry that employs me.  Further, we have a democratic administration that is poised to move into the White House which traditionally de-emphasizes defense spending in favor of other things.  I can’t get the idea out of my head that this is all actually a good thing in the long run but for me to have to find another job is the most agonizing thing I can think of.  I fear for my own prospects as a man of nearly 50 years trying to switch jobs or careers.

So I hope for things to all work out.  That’s about all anybody can hope for I guess.