Evan made it home yesterday and reported that the roads were clear most of the way; he had no problems except with our neighborhood which is typical.  That was a relief.  His first semester is out of the way and he’s looking at a really hard one in the spring.  His first semester was pretty easy and I hope it serves the purpose of easing him in to the hard workload he’s looking at for the rest of his time there.

We had one of those days at work where everyone brought snacks and so I was full of food by the end of the day.  Not only that but a friend wanted to have lunch with me because he was excited about the fact that he had just been awarded a patent for his new guitar design.  He wanted to show it to me and I certainly wanted to see.  All this led to my getting home and announcing that I wanted no dinner.

This met with much moaning since everybody was all cranked up to go out.  They wanted to call it my birthday dinner even though my birthday is two days away. In the end, we did go out and I had a small salad and we all had fun.  The streets in our part of town were pretty nasty though and a fine mist was falling and freezing on everything. It was good to make it home. We spent the remainder of the evening watching a movie although when Mel and I went to bed, Evan stayed up like the college student that he is.  He was far from being ready to turn in. School was cancelled because of the weather and so they both were preparing to stay up late and sleep in.