Saturday night we went to the party for our class at church.  I try not to call it Sunday School because that’s technically just for kids but that’s what everybody else calls it too.  For some weird reason they had it at two different places and we had to drive from one to the other.  I’m not sure what that was supposed to accomplish except perhaps for two families getting to show off their homes.  I guess that’s a good enough reason – it has the advantage of making you clean it up really good which is a gift that keeps on giving for several weeks.

It was fun.  It’s gotten to big that I can’t really get to talk to many people.  An added complication was that the OU game was on and so a lot of people were preoccupied with that.  Indeed the host husband never left that room.  I doubt he even knew there were other people in the house other than the ones in his TV room.

On Sunday, Mel decided that we need to deal with the leaves and put up some more decorations.  She has a serious preoccupation with fallen leaves and cannot live with the sight of them blowing around outside.  They must be lassoed and hauled off.  Or, in my case, mulched with the lawn mower. As to the decorations, they turned out nicely.

I used to enjoy putting lights up on the house when the kids were little but sometime between then and now, the urge left me.  I guess I just feel like I’ve already done that and enjoyed it and now I’m moving on.  Maybe it’s because the kids are older and I feel they don’t care.  And perhaps it’s because that’s exactly what my Dad did.  One thing that annoys me is how the strings of lights keep failing and I have to go buy new ones.  I’ve never mastered the art of repairing them.  For any of these reasons, I didn’t feel the urge to put lights up but I was overruled by Erin and Melissa so I started the process yesterday.  I got a couple of spiral trees and some nets of lights on the bushes and my energy ran out.  I still have yet to put strings of icicle lights along the edge of the roof but I feel I can do that sometime this week.

I’d prefer to put some Christmas music on the iPod and drive around town and look at the light displays of others.  That’s still fun for me and we did a bit of that this weekend.  But it’s apparently no substitute for lights on our own house.  We’re having Mel’s family over next weekend so I guess that’s the ultimate movitator.