We put up the Christmas tree yesterday because Evan is home to help.  I had him and Erin set up our little Christmas Village too.  We bought this way back when we first moved here in 1995. In order to get us all into the Dillard’s store, they sold one of these little houses per week for $5 each.  We went every week and for a few years thereafter and built up a nice little display.  The kids wanted to set it up themselves and they wanted it bad.  It’s been interesting to see how the layout has changed over the years.

In the beginning it was pretty random.  There were no streets and things were a jumble.  Sometimes you’d see a little person standing on a roof.  Evan reacted loudly to such violations of convention; it isn’t clear that Erin put them up there because she liked to be playful or because she knew she’s set Evan off.  Possibly a little of both.

As years went on, it got more orderly. Evan laid out streets and they even made fake creeks and ponds out of aluminum foil. Things got pretty elaborate but fights would break out and eventually we had to segregate them and have two separate villages.  Two villages at war with one another over where the lumber mill should be placed.

Now things are pretty conventional; yesterday they were orchestrating a “bad side” of town as they decided that the saloon and the brewery should go outside town next to the lumber mill because you know how those loggers are.  But the thing has streets, neighborhoods, and parks now.

But there’s still a little cow standing on one roof.  Just for old time’s sake.