I moved my desk from one side of the building to the other. Not big news perhaps but I’ve been sitting over there for the past several years.  As projects come and go, everyone has moved out of that half of the building and so I’ve been all alone over there for about a year.  It was like being self employed with my own little empire of empty cubicles around me.  But you can save money by not renting that half so I was told to move.

Now my office looks west rather than east and I’ve got a whole new vista to survey.  I’ve got people around me too which means I have to mind my personal hygiene again. One cannot simply give vent to one’s every whim if you know what I mean.

So now I’m among the living again.  I liked having half of the entire 38th floor to myself but I will also enjoy being close to the people I have to work with.