I’ve been plagued lately by an extreme indifference to blogging although it’s not as if a huge amount of stuff is going on.  I’m actually off all this week and so I’m helping clean the house for the holiday and trying to finish my kitchen island project.  The latter is unlikely since eight drawers is a lot; especially when they all have to fit perfectly to within a gnat’s eyelash.

I’ve also been plagued with a weird network problem at home.  It seems that whenever I run iTunes and it goes to download all my podcasts, my network connection starts out fine, slows down, and finally dies and everything from both computers times out.  The guy at Cox could only have me reboot my modem which I had already done numerous times.  I really like the idea of podcasts and don’t wish to give them up so there must be some solution.  I’ve downloaded a protocol analyzer but you need a masters in computer science to make sense of the output so I’m still in the dark.

Unfortunately, I picked up a free download at Starbuck’s lately which seems to have unlocked the download of about seven TV shows, music videos, and movie clips.  It’s quite annoying.  Now there are all these huge downloads queued up and (much to Apple’s credit), there seems to be no way of cancelling them.  Apple thinks I have purchased them and by golly Apple is going to move heaven and earth to make sure I get them.

At times like these, I begin to get all Luddite and dream of living in a cabin in the mountains.  Perhaps that’s why I haven’t written anything here lately.

Anyway, Evan is home for Thanksgiving and he came bearing a culvert-pipe shaped and sized laundry hamper full of dirty laundry.  That’s college kids for you. So that’s something else we’ll do today.

Him – not me.  I’m not doing his laundry.