Last night, Erin was inducted into the National Honor Society which make the last of these I will have to attend. My own was uneventful; so much so that I don’t remember anything about it at all. Evan’s was somewhat more interesting from my point of view as a parent. Last night, I was only in it for the cookies and punch.

I shouldn’t belittle it; Erin is even sharper in school than Evan was and so I guess I tend to take this for granted.

But those cookies were good. It was a celebration of sorts as Erin’s last day of grounding. She got her phone back and the priviledge of going to “stuff” again. Ironically, the grounding was due to lying about how much school work she had in order to do “stuff” with her friends.  In particular, the boyfriend. For some reason, he got grounded too but I was never told why.