After the great chemistry class upheaval of last month (which I failed to write about at the time and which was mucho unpleasant), Mel called Evan last week and said, in effect, “Come home and let us feed you and not talk about anything serious”.  He agreed to that and the effect was just as desired.  We ate at restaurants, had some home-cooked meals too, and bought a bike.

He has been wanting a bike to ride to class on and so we headed out in advance of the Christmas rush to see what we could find.  You can pay about $100 for a rideable bike or immediately jump to over $1000 for a “serious” bike.  The choice was pretty easy considering it will be chained to a bike rack outside most of the time.

He also came home with a pretty nasty looking dent in his back fender.  He was appropriately contrite about it; it stems from a scavenger hunt. I might have known – those scavenger hunts make a demolition derby out of all of us. I would consider outlawing them before outlawing many illegal drugs but those decisions were made long ago. I painted over it with cheap touchup paint from the autoparts store and called it good. He can look at it every day and remind himself not to get in such a hurry and in the meantime it will not rust and get worse. I hope.

We actually did find some time to pin him into a corner and talk about his class schedule for the next couple of years but that’s just because he (and most other teenagers) are not all that detail oriented when it comes to life planning. Now that he’s switched to engineering, the couse load changes a lot so Mel wanted to make sure that he had an idea of how to graduate in four years.  Now he does.  Engineering is a lot better about advising its students than the sciences.

He also wanted a Christmas tree for his room so he took back to Fayetteville a fake plastic Ficus tree with lights on it which has been in his room for several years.  It has pink flamingo lights, tiki lights, disco balls, and some shotgun shell lights.  Everything a dorm room needs! Something for everyone!