On Saturday, I got to work on my kitchen island a bit.  During the week, I finished the face frame (and in the process learned what a pain in the neck morise and tenon joints can be).  I need a biscuit joiner to attach it to the carcass and was about 15 minutes from buying a low-end one at Home Depot. I decided to first call a friend to see if he had one I could borrow.  In fact he did and it was a very nice one.  Furthermore, he did not want it any more and sold it to me for the price of the low-end.  I was thrilled down to my socks about that. I brought it home and promptly got the job done.

I have always thought that those looked cool but I had no idea how fast they can make a job.

I had a lot of oak left over from making the face frame and although it was only four inches wide, I decided to chop it up and edge-glue the pieces up to make my drawer fronts.  I should really have gone and bought wider boards and used this to make trim along the edges and back but I didn’t want to go to a lumber yard and spent a bunch of money.  I did that last week and I wanted to accomplish something with what I had.  I did the edge glueing with biscuits since I had the saw and a jar of biscuits.  They force everything into an admirable alignment and so make glueing a lot easier.  I had enough wood to make six out of eight drawer fronts.

That’s about all I could manage without going back to the store.  I need a lot of poplar to make the drawers themselves and of course some more oak.  I brought the thing into the kitchen and installed the top so at least we can use it.  When the drawers are done it will be that much more useful but it’s pretty handy now.  With those high-class wheels on it, it moves around like a dream.  No more scuffed up floors from dragging it out of the way to mop under it.

The drawers will be a lot of work but I intend to make them using the table saw which I have never done before.  That should make things go a lot faster.

Every time I undertake a project like this, I realize once again what absolute crap most funiture is – at least the furniture that I can afford to buy. No matter how nice it looks, the hardware used to put it together is crappier than anything that is even available in the catalogs that I buy such things from.  But nobody is ever interested in heirlooms any more so the stores end up selling what people want which is low cost stuff.