There are some words that occur in my favorite hobby that I am embarassed to utter.  I guess they all have come down to us since medieval times when they didn’t sound so lame. Some people like them because they are like a secret code known only to members of the brotherhood. But I think they sound dumb and here they are:

veneer – really thin wood.  Why did we need a special word for that?




pith – sounds too much like “piss” to be taken seriously by anybody outside woodworking

ogee – sounds like you meant something else but nobody is sure what exactly.



Jig – should only be used as a term for a dance. 


Check – Another word for a crack.  But for wood.  We should just use the word “cracked”.

Chamfer –

Dado – This one has a very specific meaning but sounds like an extinct bird.

Brad – Just another name for a nail although a small one.  It should just be called a nail.

Burl –  No not a fat guy who sang Christmas songs, in fact a name for a weird cancerous growth on a tree.

On the other hand, there are some pretty cool phrases. My personal favorite: 

Alternate Top Bevel with Raker