We started out last Wednesday with the idea that we would go to see some movies in an actual theater, I would make a project for the kitchen, and other other leisurely things like that.  Then we got a call from Mel’s mom announcing that she was on the way.  Apparently, having heard from a cousin that she could ride with the cousin to Broken Arrow, she decided to take a chance that we were going to be home.  That changed plans a bit.  But it wasn’t like we had flights booked or anything, Mel just changed some of our activities around.

We did make it to Utica Square which is the classy shopping center and has been for many decades.  It’s always fun to wander around in.  I especially liked the store that sold random what-nots and which the owner takes her dog to every day.  The dog was remarkably well-behaved – not like any dog I’ve ever met at all.  They had a freakishly large variety of flashlights too.  I guess the owner likes to have plenty of light around in case of power failures.  After last winter, nobody questions wisdom like that. We stopped for an expensive coffee drink at a local coffee shop. Three of those and a couple of cookies set us back rather more than is reasonable but the sugar-induced coma that resulted was worth it.  The place was fun to hang out in too.

I went to buy some wood on Saturday and discovered just how hard it is to decide how much you need.  I went to a new place (to me) – an actual Lumber Yard (they had “lumber yard” in their name). It turns out to be a great place to buy wood although the gentlemen in the customer pickup area and I had a bit of trouble communicating effectively.  I should definitely bone up on my Spanish – it will prove handy on many occasions. At any rate, I ended up with about three times as much red oak as necessary.  I’m sure I can use it on later projects though. The fault is mine for not estimating well.

I played golf with some guys from church Sunday.  I haven’t played in over a year and it caused some sore muscles.  I hit pretty well up until I started to get tired along about the ninth hole; then I started playing like I’d never seen a club before.  But the weather was so grand that it didn’t matter.  Days like yesterday are what helps us endure the summer that leads up to them.  I lost a number of balls too but that’s partly due to laziness.  I should play golf more – anything that produces that much fatigue is bound to be good for you in the long run.