This latter half of the week is a school holiday so I figured I’d make it a Dad holiday too.  I’ve been in need of some time in the garage alone and so when the weather cooled off I figured this would be the perfect time to do it.

We’ve gone to the classy shopping center just to walk around and window shop, gone to movies, and now I’ve started a project.  Mel has wanted me to build a new kitchen island; something that is less of a table and more of a cabinet with drawers in addition to a table. So I jumped at the chance to build something.

I drew something up and went to buy wood.  I find this stressful because nice wood is so expensive.  Plus, I needed four casters and I wanted nice ones that would lock and so those cost about $80 alone.  I bought two sheets of cabinet-grade plywood which ran another $80 or so.  Plus, I ran across a dado blade set for my table saw.  These tend to be expensive but it was pretty handy for what I needed to do so I bought that too.  After an expense like that, it makes my chest tighten to make that first cut into all that wood.  Once that part is over, it’s easy though.

So yesterday, I got the basic case finished and now I can work on the face frame.  After that, more wood for the drawers.

I guess I can say that the project is well on its way.