Mel told me that at the iHop on Thursday night, our bill had come to around seven dollars and she had left a 10 dollar tip just for the hassle.  I hope the sentiment was noticed although I doubt it.

Friday’s performance went off as well as the first and thus closed out the fall performance.  And then off to the cast party.

The people who hosted it were very nice and their home was lovely but jeez, it was out on the boonies! It was down at the end of a long series of narrow country roads where it was, as my mom used to say, as dark as a stack of black cats. It’s always a wonder to me that the power company bothers to run electricity out to places like that.  Somebody had to pay – I wonder who it was?  Anyway… the party was a huge hit with dozens of whooping teenagers running around the back yard and one whooping elderly person next door yelling at them all to quiet down.  No such luck.

The funny thing to me is that none of the kids bothered to take off the stage makeup and so everyone there, including the guys had a lot of makeup on their faces with extra eyeliner which gave them all a sort of goth-kid kind of look.  Sort of halloween-ish. But of course, if everybody is doing something, it’s as if nobody is doing it – everybody just blends in.

When midnight rolled around, the host family called a halt to the non-stop frisbee chasing (a frisbee that conveniently was illuminated) and parents began to be called.  Mel and I had chosen to stay rather than take the long trip home only to have to return soon so we volunteered to take a few home.  We ended up with four others that were not our own and so it was after 1:00am when we got home.

The funny thing is that Evan had come home this weekend to attend a concert.  When he goes to a concert, he always comes home late, usually after everyone is in the bed and then sleeps late.  This time, he was home and in bed before the rest of us.  In addition, he was going on a float trip with friends on Saturday so he was up and out of the house by 8:00 while the rest of us slept in.  It was a complete role reversal.

After sleeping in, I got up to a beautiful morning and went off to have the oil changed in one of the cars and to also have the transmission flushed.  I have started going to a family-owned business that does these things and it’s kind of like the local barber shop.  They are fast, friendly, competent, free with advise, and they have a nice place to sit and wait.  If they are not cheap then, well, you can’t have everything. I chose to sit on a bench out front and read my book in the cool breeze and listen to the sounds of the OU/Texas game wafting out through the open door. That’s why I love this time of year – cool breezes and college football games.