Erin’s fall play opened last night.  This time around it’s a strange drama about a group of kids on stage rehearsing a play.  They step in and out of character as time goes on and it is a bit confusing to follow.  Still, it’s always fun; we get a chance to see some parents that we don’t see often and whoop it up during intermission.

After it was over, all the kids wanted to go to IHOP to burn off some energy.  We filled up one end of the restaurant and I felt sorry for the waitress who had to deal with all those people who kept getting up and moving around.  In the end it all got sorted out I guess.  We didn’t get home until midnight which is late for a school night but they were pretty wound up.  All of them were there so it would have been difficult to bow out – so to speak.

This teacher has the magic touch; all the kids adore her and will do anything for her.  They cheered when she walked into the restaurant.  You don’t often find that kind of reaction to a teacher and I’d be willing to wager that you’ll never see that reaction to, say, a physics teacher.  But this teacher has “it” and if I could bottle whatever it is that she has, I’d could get rich. It’s tempting to shadow her and write a book about her.

I like hearing the kids talk about the performance to each other because they have obviously formed such a close-knit group.  They are all totally of one mind about what has to happen and there don’t seem to be any scene-stealers among them.  They help each other and nobody seems any more or less popular than anybody else.  Some sociologist really should study this group – there’s something there for us all to emulate.

Erin had a fan club there.  A number of her friends from church showed up as well as one of the youth pastors.  Several kids from our church were in the production so I guess this pastor decided to show up and be supportive.  It was a nice touch.

Still, I’m tired now after the late night.  We have another one tonight – this time with a cast party at some kid’s house.  At least we can sleep in tomorrow.