In the past two days I’ve had to deal with the car twice.  I suppose this has everything to do with the fact that it has 100,000 miles on it.

Mel called the other night to tell me that the car would not start.  Thankfully someone in that parking lot gave her a jump and I was able to replace the battery at my leisure rather than after 11:00 on Saturday night.  It had been giving me those aural signs of upcoming failure but I had two guys at two different places tell me that it sounded fine – I didn’t need a new battery.  Well, the next time it makes those sounds, I’m buying a battery and no mistake.

Yesterday I was driving home when someone overtook me and began to pantomime at me from their window; saying that I had a flat.  I pulled off at a convenient school and sure enough, it was extremely low.  By the time I had the jack out and was ready to take it off, the thing was flatter than a pancake.  Whatever it was that caused this (according to the tire guy this morning, it was a failed valve stem) happened pretty quickly and for unknown reasons.  Anyway, I was lucky in several ways – I had a huge parking lot to work in, it was light outside and the weather was beautiful.  I’ve had flats under much worse conditions and there’s reason to be thankful for these small things.

I guess it’s time for the old family truxter to start having pieces fall off.  That’s the price I pay for being frugal.