My request for a weekend NOT filled with trips to WalMart and grass-mowing ended in a good compromise.  Since the two items mentioned are actually necessary, we got up and began them early on Saturday and so got them out of the way.  This left the weekend free for possibilities.

Mel actually likes to go grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon when the rest of Broken Arrow is there because she gets to see lots of people she knows.  I chose to go early and adopt the Dale Earnhart philosophy and race about the store to get through it as soon as possible.  I thought of the late #3 and his practice of intimidation by bumping at one point when an elderly woman had her cart stalled on the left of the aisle and was reaching across the aisle to the other side.  I thought briefly of my former navy coworkers who at one point in the submarine careers might have yelled “Hey! Make a hole!” but I kept silent.  I went around.

Erin wanted desperately to fill the entire day with activity in the form of us driving her everywhere but I staunchly refused.  That’s not fun for anybody but her.  Instead, we went up to the Gilcrease Museum to see the traveling exhibition of Ansel Adams photographs.  I have been a big fan of Adams since the early 80’s and have most of his books on my shelves but I have never seen an actual print made by his hands.  Now I have.  Most of them were printed more darkly than I would have expected but that certainly did not take anything away from their impact.  I enjoyed the experience thoroughly.  I should invest in a membership there because there’s always something interesting being shown up there.

I also managed to find some time to work on my workbench.  I finally had to bite the bullet and wrestle the top off of my bench and flip it over to get at the bottom and mount my vise.  After much sweating and the purchase of a special (very large diameter) drill bit, I managed to get the thing back together and it is a sight to behold.  I’m quite happy with it – scratch that item off the list.

I also got so restless at work Friday afternoon that I just up and took the afternoon off and used that time to drop off a broken router at the PorterCable factory repair center.  I’ve been putting this off since last January.  Unfortunately the wait meant an increase of $40 in the repair cost but you can’t have everything.

Finally, I put a new mobile base onto my tablesaw.  The old one was one that I had built and was not up to the task.  The saw pretty much crushed it and it was no longer mobile.  The new one is much nicer and I hope it holds the saw up.  It’s near the weight limit so we’ll see.  I would have bought a bigger one but that’s all the store had.

All in all it was a very satisfying weekend.  It’s time to move on to another building project.