I got the lovely opportunity to work for 14 hours straight on Friday and, in the process, miss the football game.  But it’s all good; I’m not complaining.  It was not unpleasant, we ordered pizza around dinnertime, and much important work was accomplished.  There were many of us involved and things ended well. But the weather was not so nice.

Saturday dawned with hurricane Ike making a mess out of Galveston and our weather was pretty wet also.  It amazed me how fast the hurricane made its way up here to dump rain on us.  It was miserably humid and warm. 

Saturday night, I got to attend the wedding of a friend and coworker.  This was lots of fun; I like weddings when I’m not involved.  I get to enjoy everything without the hassle of worrying about whether things are going as they should.  Weddings never go perfectly and yet nobody ever notices the minor glitches that cause so much stress.  This one appeared to go perfectly but I’m sure the bride noticed a few minor things.  But after it was over, everyone seemed to feel fine about it.  The only negative that I was aware of was all the rain that fell during the event.  We danced, had some fancy finger food, and generally had a good time and when it was over, the wind had kicked up and the rain began to drive sideways and so we went home soaked from the waist down which is all the umbrella could shield as we went to the car. 

I thought for sure that all that bad weather would give us a chance to “worship from home” as we say when we ditch church but no; the weather dawned cool, clear, and beautiful so off we went.  We got home, had a brief nap, I made Erin mow the lawn, I attempted to get my new vise mounted, and then went out to dinner with the in-laws.  It was a very nice weekend indeed.  Today is a picture postcard of blue skies.  I look forward to walking the dog after dinner.