Oh wait…there it is lost amongst all the random activities.  I meant to do something else but what I did was all this stuff:

Friday night was this season’s first high school football game.  I could not care less but Erin enjoys going in order to hang out with her friends in the high reaches of the stadium and we’ve got into the habit of going.  The weather for this first game is usually oppressively hot but we got a gift this year: a beautiful, cool night perfect for football.  If this were spring, I’d have been in my shorts at this temperature but since it’s been hot and my body has not adapted to fall yet, I was wishing for a jacket.  But that’s not a complaint; it was glorious weather.

This was the Broken Arrow vs Union game.  Union high school has battled with Jenks high school every year that I’ve live here for the state championship.  They are one of the best and one can usually count on being trounced by them as has happend to BA for the past 22 years straight.  Imagine everyone’s surprise when BA scored first and kept the lead all the way to the win.  This was one of those few nights when the stadium actually sold out and had no more tickets to sell.  Due to the game itself, all the fans stayed to the end which is another first in my memory.

There was much confusion near the end of the game since BA was trying to run out the clock.  Most of the players were not used to that kind of game plan and so it failed on several counts.  When the clock needed to run out the most, one of BA’s players decided to go down with a cramp mere feet from the sideline thus stopping the clock when he should have staggered off.  Then, with 21 seconds to go, somebody thought that the clock would simply wind down from there and hundreds of fans rushed onto the field.  They had no experience with the fact that one must first line up and snap the ball for that to happen.  BA was flagged with a penalty.  After that was straightened out, THEN the fans rushed onto the field. This was perhaps exacerbated by the announcer’s earlier admonishment not to go out onto the field and his later retraction of that rule.  Once the go-ahead was given to go onto the field, I guess people got antsy.

It was fun though.  It took us forever to get out of the parking lot what with all the happy fans.

Saturday I wanted to do several things that I’ve been thinking about:  a bit of woodworking to install my new vise, a trip to Affiliated Electronics to look for some vintage-looking meters for a project I have in mind, perhaps make some photos of old-school Tulsa up on Admiral blvd.  What actually happened was that I had to mow, trim, overseed, and fertilize the lawn.  Then I had to take Erin on some practice driving since her learner’s permit test is coming up soon.  Then of course, she had a number of social engagements that she had to be driven to.  I look forward to her learning to drive herself to all this crap.

All this outside activity stirred up my hay fever; I felt pretty lousy Sunday morning.  I went to church anyway. Erin now wants to go to a service with her friends that starts at 11:00.  That means we don’t get out till after 12:00 which means the restaurants are busy.  That translates into my not getting home till 1:30 or 2:00 and I feel like the day’s all gone.  Especially since Erin has to be carted back into town to attend her small group on Sunday evening.  After a quick nap, there was no day left at all.  Still, I attended a men’s thing at the church that involved lots of meat and guitar music so it’s all good.  Home-made ice cream too.

That accounts for all the time but I’m ready for a weekend when I can just do personal creative things rather than maintenance activities.  I don’t really see that happening any time soon though.