This weekend proved to be less hoped-for laziness and more random activity.

Evan came home from the university for various reasons – mostly to see his buddies from high school and compare notes while playing frisbee golf.  He also needed some miscellaneous things from Wal-Mart and heaven knows there are no Wal-Marts in northern Arkansas.  (that was sarcastic BTW)

We managed to squeeze in a session of grilled hamburgers and thus making the summer complete.  In fact it is the only time I’ve fired up the grill in a year which is a testament to how sucky my grill is.  I even had to borrow the propane tank from my brother-in-law.  Still, it was fun.

Last Friday, I had to do some work onboard our company’s airplane and injured my back in the process.  One should not try to manhandle 90 pound racks of computer equipment if one is not in the proper shape to do so but I wasn’t thinking of that.  I felt fine on Friday itself but as the weekend went on, I developed some serious sore muscles back there.  Yesterday (Labor Day) I could barely move but then I discovered those patches you stick on your back that Shaquille O’Neal sells.  Those things are fantastic!  It fixed me right up.  But the sore back thing did get me out of mowing the grass and I had Erin do it.

After Evan had done all he could at our house, he headed back to Fayetteville and I headed over to my friend’s house.  He has a computer-controlled router and I had built an model of some gears which I wanted to carve out of a piece of plywood.  They came out pretty well; well enough that I intend to put up some photos of them. These are part of a longer-term and bigger project but were a pretty big job in and of themselves.

So, it was a pretty busy weekend with not a lot to brag about but it was good to see Evan again.  We won’t see him again until fall break.  It felt weird all over again to see him move off to school.  His room is not strangely silent again.