I took the day off yesterday to deal with the broken window on our car and decided to deal with as many other issues as possible.  It turns out there was only one – the dog.

I was lucky in that I found a glass shop that could do my car in the morning and which had the window in stock.  I was luckier still to find that on that car, our deductible is lower and so I managed to get some of it paid for by insurance.  It was all handled rather neatly and all before noon.

I decided to call the vet; our dog has been scratching a lot lately to the point where she has created an open sore on one leg.  I took her in and I’ve never seen a more miserable dog.  She hates the vet and with no good reason.  Anyway, she apparently has an allergic reaction to something – possibly a bug bite while out on our walks.  In addition, she has arthritis in her legs which accounts for the constant licking.  Apparently, licking is sort of like a massage.  Anyway, the walks are that much more important; if I don’t keep the joints in motion, she will freeze up and lose all mobility.  At that point we’d have to have her put down and nobody wants that.  So off to walk we go.

I also got some shampoo and have to bathe her once a week with it.  That’s pretty bad since she’s a pretty uncooperative patient in the tub.

I also wasted a lot of time on the internet. But hey, it was a day off.