I’ll cut straight to the chase:  someone smashed the side window on my car and made off with a purse.  This has a tendency to color your attitude for the rest of the day to say the least.

Erin had a bit of drama last week when her boyfriend broke up with her unexpectedly.  In response, her friends rallied around her (literally – at our house) and stayed up late, watched movies, and ate up all our ice cream.  On Saturday, they decided they would go ice skating.  I dropped them off at the ice arena which is down the street from our church and next door to the swim school.

I spent the next half hour pleasantly at Lowes buying some nice pieces of wood for my next project(s) and then went to the Krispy Kreme next door for a donut and coffee.  I still had time on my hands but not enought to justify driving home so I went to the ice rink and waited.  It was a popular place and I had to park way down the side.  While I was in there, someone apparently spotted the purse of Erin’s friend and decided they had to have it.  What a pity they only got some pajamas and a cheap off-brand mp3 player.  They’re probably plenty pissed at having gone to such effort for nothing.  They chose not to steal the new leaf blower that I had just bought which was laying in the back or my iPod which was cleverly tucked away out of sight.

It was a mess – shards of broken glass usually are.  The ice rink was all “oh my gosh I can’t believe it, etc” but I couldn’t help but notice that they knew the police department’s number by memory.  This has happened before – a lot.  Evan used to work at the swim school next door and said there was always a cop car out there filling out paperwork on broken car windows.  My own particular office was quite nice but was pessimistic about my insurance policy being of much help; this is likely to cost less than my deductible which is good new in a way but I secretly wished for this being the last piece of evidence he needed to bust this ring of thieves.  Who knows, perhaps they’ll be caught – there was a security camera pointed right at my car.  But this did use up a lot of time on my weekend which might otherwise have been spent being lazy.

Other than feeling a bit awkward towards Erin’s friend and feeling an obligation to replace the mp3 player, it was not too bad an experience.  Of course, I haven’t paid for the window yet.