I had several things I wanted to do Sunday and they all involved a friend who has tools that I do not.  He builds guitars in his spare time and since Evan’s friends have left for college and he has nothing else to do, he went with me to see the guitars.

All in all, it was not productive for me but fun anyway.  This is the friend with the flintlock rifle and although we used my miracle cure, we did not succeed in producing any sparks from his rifle so it is still out of commission.

We did help him out in building another of his many projects; this time, a homebrew solar collector.  We happened to stop by at a critical moment so I was able to nail away at this thing and it was assembled in no time.

Meanwhile, Evan enjoyed playing the guitars. 

It was a nice time for he and I to do something together before he leaves.  Plus I filled his gas tank.  That’s what Dads do, eh?